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Gibb Environmental


GIBB Environmental has a wealth of experience in planning, co-ordination, management and execution of a wide range of environmental projects.

Legislative compliance

It aims to promote environmental sustainability, ensure legislative compliance and offer world-class environmental solutions to clients.

Extensive Experience

The firm’s service covers the entire value chain for environmental services, leveraging decades of experience, and comes with a proven track record and the technical excellence of its people.

Our Offerings

Our offerings broadly cover Licensing Services (EIAs and WULAs), Mining Environmental Services, Solid Waste Planning, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Monitoring (air quality, groundwater and marine), Sustainability and Strategic Projects, and Specialist Services (flora, fauna and wetland assessments).

Partner of choice

We are a partner of choice for the private sector, state owned enterprises and governments who seek knowledgeable talent, with proven experience and the expertise to respond to the numerous environmental services demands and needs of the continent.

Our Projects

GIBB is uniquely geared to work in Africa. We deeply understand the infrastructure challenges on our continent and are structured to deliver on these needs with local teams and local knowledge. This ensures we have the right people, proven and localised expertise and home-grown excellence to deliver.